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Many NFT Creators now use Bettersell to promote NFT's.

How to start as a seller?

If you are a new creator it's sometimes hard to start selling. Make your submission here to get your NFT's selled today.

Selling was never that easy!

When and how do you get paid?

You always get paid directly from OpenSea or wherever you listed your NFT's.

How much can you earn?

This definitely depending on the prices of your NFT's. An NFT's can costs more then 100ETH.

What is the service fee for sellers?

We don't take payments on a selled NFT! You only pay the listing fees to submit your NFT on our platform.

What to do after payment?

Nothing. We take care of the rest!

How many new favs will i get?

This depends on your work if they will love it or not.

Why are you getting rejected?

This will only happen when anything won't fit with our platform. Make sure you have made all the changes and then submit your NFT again.

What happens when there are no orders?

All fine. Just promote again and make sure your NFT is more attractive!

Which Coins are supported?

All. Just make sure you choosed the right coin on the submission.